Our Process


Advantages of Working with
HDA Architects

  • Budget: We provide earlier and more accurate budgeting, fixed construction costs and guaranteed maximum price after design.
  • Schedule: We work diligently with our clients to shorten design and construction time.
  • Collaboration: We rely on a team-based collaboration approach to uphold positive relationship between architects and contractors.
  • Continuity: We uphold seamless continuity throughout the process to preserve design intent.
  • Communication: We focus on direct communication and eliminate the middleman in order to best complete the integration of design, construction and technical infrastructure.
  • Quality Control: We uphold a high standard of quality control with our architect team monitoring the construction process in order to represent our client’s best interest.

Project Services

When you decide it's time to expand or build a new facility, HDA offers a full line of services that cover every component of design and construction.

From investigating a new site to constructing a new facility or expanding an existing facility, our team will apply our proven processes to deliver a quality project on time and on budget.

Site Investigation & Qualification

Architectural Design/Engineering

AUDO Visual Design/Procurement

HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Fire Protection Engineering

Project Programming

Interior Design

Site Planning

Zoning/Building Code Analysis


Project Management through Design & Construction

Furniture Design/Procurement

Sustainable Design