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Capitol Wright Distributing opened their new facility in April 2017.  This Austin-based distributor handles delivery for many national and craft brands in Central Texas and employs over 600 people. The new location has put all of the company's incoming deliveries under one roof and cut expenses by maximizing operating efficiencies. The architecture features are insulated concrete tilt-up, high-performance glass with aluminum solar awnings, and stone veneer accents at the office areas. The warehouse layout is based on a cross docking that decreases the number of touches of the product as it flows through the warehouse.  Greater use of cross-docking will contribute to an increase in inventory turns.


Capitol Wright's new facility includes the following:

  • 42,000 SF of office space

  • 378,000 SF of warehouse

  • 16,000 SF for vehicle maintenance


"The knowledge, experience, and energetic spirit of the HDA Architects staff continues to impress us."
-Dell Boothe, VP and General Manager, Capitol Wright Distributing


“Our new facility is not much bigger (than the old ones combined), but we can go much taller now. We’re able to do racking effectively in this one, where we can’t do it in any of our other facilities.”
-Matt Harriss, Chief Financial Officer, Capitol Wright Distributing

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