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HDA is an authority on beverage distribution facility design and functionality, having worked with over 180 beverage wholesalers on new facilities, expansions, renovations, material handling, and operational needs. Our vast experience ensures your facility will be designed to maximize your investment and control your costs. 


Entrusting a project to our Architect-Led Design/Build Team limits the time and effort required of the client. It allows busy owners to focus on their core activities and rest easy knowing the project is being handled in the most professional, efficient manner possible. Our Design-Led approach applies innovative solutions and tighter control over all aspects of the project, from preservation of the design to a close adherence to budget and construction schedule.


We combine our thorough understanding of the beverage industry with your specific needs to design a facility that supports your unique image and operation today and in years to come. Many parties are involved when you undertake a major construction project. HDA manages those entities on your behalf, so you can focus on your core business of selling beer.

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