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It Starts With A Vision is so much more than just a motto, it is how HDA Architects actually began. In 1986, Jack Holleran (President) and Mark Duitsman (Retired) envisioned a Professional Service Firm providing exceptional design and customer service. Through their journey, the HDA staff has designed over 75 million square feet of projects in 44 states at a construction value of over $3 billion.


HDA selectively targets diversified clients in a wide market range that meets the Planning, Architecture, and Interior Design expertise of the firm. Over the years, HDA has gained national recognition for the design and development of a wide range of commercial and residential projects.

1986- 1990

HDA had a quick start in the first four years of its existence. They were hired by TOLD Development Company to Masterplan Crossroads Corporate Center in Brookfield, Wisconsin. HDA would then go on to design over 70 office buildings for TOLD Development over the next 30 years. HAD also designed a 350,000 square foot retail development, Primrose Market Place, in Springfield, Missouri. To top it off, they designed an “iconic” office building called Magna Place in Brentwood, Missouri that won several National Design Awards.

1990 - 1998

HDA became known as an “Elite Design Firm” in the 1990’s. They designed 13 office buildings along the Highway 40 Corridor in St. Louis, Missouri and several office and industrial parks nationwide. Two notable projects are Timberlake Commerce Center in Chesterfield, Missouri and Meridian Crossings I & II in Richfield, Minnesota.


Timberlake is a three-building office complex that totals 360,000 square feet and Meridian Crossings are two office buildings totaling 400,000 square feet.

1998 - 2004

HDA started a new “market niche” designing facilities for Beverage Wholesalers in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Since creating this business unit, HDA has worked with over 120 Beverage Wholesalers nationwide. Two notable projects are Silver Eagle Distributors in Houston, Texas and Fun Beverage in Kalispell, Montana. 


Silver Eagle Distributors is the second largest Beverage Wholesaler in the United States. They have over 1,200 employees and gross over $800 million in revenue.  

2004 - 2006

HDA decided to enter a fierce design competition for a historical project for the City of St. Louis and the Anheuser-Busch Corporate Campus. The project, Anheuser-Busch Technology Center, was the first office building constructed by Anheuser-Busch in several years and was the first LEED Certified office building in St. Louis.

HDA won the project by designing a building that was more efficient and economical than originally specified by Anheuser-Busch in its Request for Proposal.

2006 - 2007

HDA took advantage of the birth and momentum of LEED Certification amongst corporations and society in general and was engaged by the Mungenast Automotive Family to design the first LEED Certified Lexus dealership in the nation.


This project earned LEED Silver status and is the largest single standing auto dealership in St. Louis.

2007 - 2012

HDA’s proudest and most defining moment came when the Great Recession hit the national economy. Many firms folded, but HDA was able to keep their core group of employees together and come out stronger than ever. 


Projects like Del Papa Distributing in Texas City, Texas, Standard Sales Company in Odessa, Texas and Mungenast Hyundai in Hazelwood, Missouri kept them diversified and financially strong.


It was due to their niche markets of Beverage Wholesalers Facilities, Auto Dealerships, Office CBA

2012 - 2016

HDA’s culture dramatically changed during this period. They hired four young designers and architects that are part of “Generation Y”. These individuals have taken our capabilities to a whole new level. HDA also landed three new projects that opened the doors to the Multi Family and Craft Brewery Market Sectors.


Those three projects are O’Fallon Brewery in Maryland Heights, Missouri, Brew Hub in Chesterfield, Missouri and 212 S. Meramec in Clayton, Missouri.

2016 - TODAY

What Started as a “Vision” has become a 30-year-old “Reality”. HDA has withstood two economic downturns and one Great Recession. They started off having only designed office buildings and grew into the Beverage Wholesaler, Industrial / Distribution, Power Retail Centers, Auto Dealerships, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use and Craft Brewery Market Sectors.


They attribute their success to selectively targeting clients and projects, offering superior design and construction drawings and “Always Doing the Right Thing”.